• Help displaced Israeli families and those on the frontlines

Israel Emergency

Your Help is Essential, you can make a meaningful difference for those affected by war in Israel


Offer the gift of swift humanitarian aid to civilians in the crossfire and to soldiers on Israel's front lines. Your generous contribution will provide essential support by:

Helping Relocate Schools

Your help ensures that displaced Israeli children regain access to education, allowing them to return to school and rebuild normalcy in their lives..

Feeding Displaced Israelis

Your contribution aids in delivering essential food to families displaced by war in Israel.

Providing Medical Attention

Your support is crucial in providing essential medical care to numerous injured Israelis who are currently facing a shortage of medicines. Help bridge the gap and ensure that those displaced and wounded receive the necessary treatment.

Helping Troops

Your contribution plays a vital role in supplying essential gear, such as power banks, blankets, and water, to Israeli soldiers on the front line.


You have the power. Now is the time to say to the Jewish people, “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

People are in urgent need of food, medicine, and other important supplies. Mothers need diapers for their babies. Many are displaced with only the clothes on their backs. They are plagued with shock and deep despair. Bomb shelters need food and supplies.

Soldiers on the frontlines require essential resources like food and clothing, while the most impoverished urgently need household goods, clothing, shoes, and beds. Some are disabled and lack basic mobility aids. Your assistance is crucial for the people of Israel, especially now.


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Thank you for standing with
Israel in such a time as this.

You can
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