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While Israel is a modern, technologically advanced nation, over 1.7 million people (including over 900,000 children) live below the poverty line.
Much of this poverty can be attributed to Israel's high cost of living and low wages, the 24/7 need for border and internal security, and the tens of thousands of immigrants that Israel absorbs each year.
It’s for this reason that now more than ever we need you to be a part of Joseph Project!

You can get involved in many ways:

Financial Support.
Volunteering in our warehouse when you visit Israel.
Sharing with others about Joseph Project.


“I will bless those who bless you” Genesis 12:3a

Making and Impact in the State of Israel

The Joseph Project has become one of the largest importers of humanitarian supplies to Israel. Like Joseph, 3500 years ago in ancient Egypt, we fill our ‘storehouse’ so we can freely give to those in need. We provide regular aid through various outlets across the country and build pop-up supply centers during times of terrorism, war and crisis, which sadly have become a regular part of Israeli life.

Who receives help?

We regularly supply goods to:
Holocaust Survivors
Victims of Terror
Rehab Centers
Homes for Disadvantaged Children
Handicapped Persons
Our warehouse is centrally located in the hills surrounding Jerusalem, allowing us ready access to any corner of the country and giving us a prophetic view of God’s unfolding plan for Israel.

Help us continue our work in Israel

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PO Box 274
Springfield, PA


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