… following in the footsteps of our forefather Joseph blessing Israelis in need, and preparing the nation for times of crisis.
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You Can Make a Difference...
First-World Country, Third-World Problems

While Israel is a technologically-advanced, modern nation, almost 25% of all Israelis—over 1.7 million people including over 900,000 children—live at or below the poverty line. This is one of the highest rates among all developed nations.

As worldwide anti-Semitism increases, immigration to Israel is on the rise, bringing new olim (immigrants) who often arrive with only the clothes on their backs, and with few financial assets or transferable skills. This is adding to the rising number of poor and needy.

Maintaining the fragile security of Israel is a burden that comes at great cost in both lives and resources. The high price of national defense leaves few government social services left to help the poor. The people of Israel have called out for help.

The Joseph Project

has answered with hope

and comfort...for the

restoration of Israel
Reaching and Blessing Israelis in Need

As the Genesis story of Joseph teaches, preparation can help avert suffering when people are facing crisis or need. The Joseph Project has distributed over $100 million in humanitarian aid since 2000 to help the needy and those who struggle, including Israel’s

  • Poor
  • Homeless
  • New Immigrants
  • Disabled
  • Holocaust survivors and the elderly
  • Unemployed
  • Victims of terror
  • Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers
  • Single-parent families
  • Orphans
  • and others who struggle to live

We ease suffering by supplying clothing, furniture, medical supplies, food, health supplies, blankets, shoes, hospital equipment, school supplies, toys, diapers, household goods, cleaning supplies, bomb shelter survival kits, and more.

On the Ground, Ready to Help

Our modern 22,000 square foot warehouse and national headquarters near Jerusalem enables us to serve Israel’s major cities. Also, our large warehouse in Sderot, a few miles from the Gaza border, is stocked with wartime aid and serves southern Israel.

Because we are already on the ground when terrorism, disaster, or war strikes, our trucks are prepared to distribute emergency aid where it’s needed most.

The Joseph Project’s track record, experience, leadership, and established infrastructure strategically position us as a trusted resource for Israel.

Joseph Project

Main Warehouse
Working Together for the Restoration of Israel

Each year, as many as 200,000 Israelis, both Jews and Arabs, receive goods the Joseph Project imports from Jewish and Christian partner charities worldwide.

We distribute this aid through our growing network of about 40 independent relief centers nationwide. We have also partnered with over 100 private and government organizations in Israel. These include the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), welfare offices, hospitals, shelters, youth facilities, orphanages, rehab centers, computer learning centers, congregations, soup kitchens, nursing homes, and other social service centers where those in poverty go for help.

In addition, thousands of individuals worldwide help the needy in Israel through donations of crucial supplies, funds, time and love. We are blessed to work hand in hand with so many committed to Israel’s restoration.

We are blessed to work hand in hand with so many committed to a flourishing Israel.
Our Vision for the Future
  • To reach all parts of Israel and greatly increase aid shipments to meet the growing demands
  • To stockpile even more humanitarian aid to prepare for substantial future immigration and times of crisis
  • To expand the number of warehouses and aid center partners to serve all the cities of Israel
  • To build more partnerships ranging from the highest levels of Israeli government to local city welfare departments.
  • To encourage Christians and Jews worldwide to support this unique, critical and prophetic work

“You have given me all the clothing that I have, and you have helped me with food. I don’t know how I could have survived without your help.” - Alina S.

“Like most elderly people, we live on a near impossible budget. Thank you, and I am very grateful for this aid.” – Rosalie Grossikov

“We are new immigrants. Your aid center gave us clothes and diapers for our baby. Except for you, no one can help us.” —M. Family, Haifa

Our Team

Joel Chernoff
Joseph Project Israel Relief

Jim Schutz
Joseph Project Israel Relief
Executive Director

Jo Kaplan
Joseph Project Israel Relief
Manager of Operations

Mikhael Feldshtein
Joseph Project Israel Relief
Warehouse Manager